Novel, by Alex Wheatle, published by Serpent's Tail, 2008

Adapted for screenplay by Hero Mackenzie (under option by Heroes Film, 2018).

(script development, 2018) 

The Dirty South is my most angry book and it was written as I despaired over the unnecessary and pointless killings in the community. I’ve known filmmaker, Hero Mackenzie, for the best part of a decade and I know how talented and committed she is about telling my most angry story.’  – Alex Wheatle

‘Think of LA HAINE and UN PROPHETE, but set in Brixton in the 2000s. The Dirty South is a state of the nation novel – angry, urgent, and uncompromising – And which deserves to be told cinematically. We are honoured to have optioned the film rights to my favourite of Alex Wheatle’s books.’ – Hero Mackenzie.

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Original script and debut feature film, by Hero Mackenzie.

(script development, 2019) 

An interracial couple are wrongfully and brutally raided by police in their home in Shepherd’s Bush, West London - the repercussions of which implode on their relationship.